Monday, 15 October 2012

Hong Kong Highlights

I've already tried to describe my infectious attraction to Hong Kong, like nerds to Cosplay. It's unnatural and cannot be rationalized. It's also clearly not conducive to writing a sane blog piece (which is already a challenge since my sanity is debatable and can only be stretched so thin). My attempt turned into a mushy love declaration to my sweet husband. Yuk! (Not the husband, the goowy-ness of my public affection.) After all that writing I'm still a little confused as to the origin of my love for Hong Kong, which made me realize that other people (those who read this blog for instance) must be A LOT confused! (So basically, one person then.)

So without all the touchy-feely nonsense here's some concrete "To Do's" if you ever get to Hong Kong. And when you get there, Hong Kong will work it's magic on you and you'll return a smitten, stammering, poop flinging buffoon like me.