Welcome, one and all! (Even though I'm pretty sure it's only one.)
I'm guessing you're puzzled, asking yourself questions like: "How did I get here?", "Who is this crazy random person?","Why is this blog claiming to be about travel?!" Please, read on...

Disclaimer: I am by no means qualified to write about travel or claim to be an expert; therefore you will only find stories of my own travel experiences, however limited or wildly inappropriate. Since you got this far, you might as well know I'm not really "qualified" to write anything anyone should ever have to read either... and yet, here we are.

If you choose to exit here, no hard feelings. I'd advise you to run, don't walk! If you choose to go down this rabbit hole, then take the red pill now...

My name is Maritza, I call South Africa my home, which is both wonderful and terrifying all at once! This is a picture of me in case you were wondering what a crazy person looks like.

I studied Multimedia and now I work for this guy's company.

I also happen to be married to him. He makes me the happiest girl in the world! Here's a picture to prove our relation.

I'm telling you about him 'cause he's an integral part of all my travels, and because this blog is all his fault.

This craziness all started with my husband. We both enjoy travelling, and lately we got many opportunities to explore and soak up a few corners of the world. This is because my husband is clever and consults on technology projects. It's also because he's awesome and lets me tag along to see the world while he's working.

I think it was a Monday. We just got back from another travel adventure. He said, "Maybe you should start writing about it". To which I replied, "Really? Maybe I should! I'm seriously craving peanut butter. Oh, I want to plant a veggie garden! Have you seen these adorable photos of these kittens? Maybe I should start a blog?" And the man, who has openly accused me of having no sense of direction or logical thought pattern said, "Yeah, start a travel blog!"

So I mainly write this blog for my own sanity, so I'll remember all the places I've been and things I've seen and experienced. I also write this for my husband, mainly because he's the only person who reads it. But also because he's the only person who gets me, and a written collection of my thoughts should help the guy out.

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