Saturday, 19 January 2013

Marvelling at a magical Year of Travel, and having the Pictures to Prove It

I think it's fair to say - nay, proclaim to all!, that twenty twelve was my bitch! In fact, it might have been the best year of my life, albeit a difficult one. Despite it's challenges I can truly say it was overall a MAGICAL year, the main reason being the absurd amount of travel I got to do with my hubby. That and the fact that only a small margin of it was wasted on fighting with him. (Yes we have our rows, but this year, I can only recall one that ended in screaming with tears and snot gushing from my face, while blindly marching into the seedy night-life of Amsterdam.)*

*To put it into perspective, 2011 started out great with a two week trip to Thailand, but the rest was a never ending flow of shattered dreams and disillusionment; which of course spilled over into waves of constant arguments with my husband. To put it mildly: F#CK YOU 2011!

Travel wise 2012 was almost too good to be true, with four different trips abroad, and a number of great weekends scattered ever so often. So in order to actively count my blessing I've decided to look back on a wonderful year of travel, and the many interesting encounters through some photographs.

Holy macaroon, I just realized after uploading all these images, how incredibly blessed I am...

I don't think it's possible to top 2012, but let's roll in 2013 while I'm on a roll! While I hang around this year, frantically stuffing my face with cookies, trying to subdue the constant gypsy-travel-nag-ants in my pants; I'll get to writing up on all of the above. Promise.


  1. I generally rate my years based on the travels that I get to do as well. Last year was alright, the year before was great, and this year looks to be amazing. However, I have never had a year like the one you posted above. I imagine that will be very hard to top.

  2. So glad that you visited our country last year! We're looking forward to our visit to South-Africa this year!